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I have been a bus driver for 13 years. For five years I only drove the night shift. They are different than day shifts. It feels like people forget all manners at night – especially when drunk.

Usually I can get out of situations by talking, but one time I experienced violence at work. That was during the daytime. That left me a little bit afraid for 2-3 years.

My goal is that all passengers have a safe and peaceful journey. If I notice an incident of discrimination or harassment, I immediately intervene. I stop the bus at the next stop, speak to the harasser and direct them outside. If they are aggressive, I immediately call a guard or the police.

I have noticed that many fellow passengers don’t act even if they notice harassment or bullying. They think that the driver will do something. However, we don’t notice everything. I wish that all passengers would be considerate and brave. A fellow passenger can for example ask others to make room for people with disabilities or the elderly.

It is good to tell the driver about harassment. I do want to know what happens during my driving shift.

I was happy to participate in this campaign. A pleasant and safe journey is always the goal of the driver, but we are all needed to make it happen!