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If I notice harassment or discrimination I believe that I have a duty to intervene. As a person and an adult I have a duty especially if children on youths are being bullied. I work as a metro conductor. There are no cameras in the conductor cab, so I don’t usually know what happens in the carriages. In some metros voices carry into the conductor cabin. If some harassment is noticed, it is the conductors job to call for help.

To passengers I would like to say, don’t watch from the side if someone is being yelled at or discriminated against. If the situation is threatening, it is not a good idea to intervene. You can always call the metro security guard at 09 310 12 112 or the general emergency number 112.

The call can save the day of the target of the harassment. It also makes you feel good when you have helped someone.
I myself am from an immigrant family and I’ve always used public transport a lot. Once on the bus I saw one passenger being bullied. I marched to the driver to tell them about it and demanded that the harasser be removed. This is what happened! The driver stopped the bus, the man was removed and the police were called.

I think that is someone is being a bully, you have to be strong and loud. But if you can’t, others should help. When the situation is “one against the rest”, the harasser will notice they are on their own and stop.