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Previously as a conductor I received some degrading name calling, but the amount has decreased now that we no longer sell tickets. Now we are left alone.

We often remind young people to give their seats to the elderly, but I’ve witnessed a lot of situations where older people aren’t considerate towards children. It is sad.

I have witnessed discrimination towards people with disabilities or limited mobility. People don’t give them space or move out of the way. People are in such a rush that people moving slower annoy them.

The conductor’s job is to pay attention to all passengers. Nowadays we have cameras in the conductor cab. If I notice an incident of harassment or discrimination, I have to intervene somehow. For example I can make an announcement asking someone to help the person in question. We can’t help that much, we are occupied with conducting.
Of course I wish that the conductor be told if a passenger notices harassment. We are not allowed to intervene in violent situations, then we call the guard.

It always makes me feel good if I’ve resolved a situation and especially if passengers thank me.
I am glad that guards have started patrolling more on public transport. It makes me significantly calmer.
I think that people must be able to travel safely. My motto is: “Travel and let others travel too”.